Thursday, August 13, 2009

More goodies...

My computer has not been liking me the last couple of days, and has just taken F-O-R-E-V-E-R to upload photos.
Anyway, here's some more of my awesome vintage haul!

A fire-screen with a sailing ship on it-will come up nice with a good polish-$10

A Bebarfeld's treadle sewing machine...with bluebirds on it!! BLUEBIRDS!!!
I got it at a garage sale for $100, and it came with it's original book (which is adorable) and the original attachments case. The sewing machine is from about 1928-1930.

I got this dressing table (which I assume would have originally had a mirror) for FREE! I will strip and stain it, and put vintage handles back on it, because at the moment, although it does look kinda funky, silver green and red spraypaint kinda wont look that wonderful in my house.
More to come if my computer behaves...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The best week EVAH!!!!

This week I have had THE BEST LUCK at op-shops and vintage stores, and garage sales too!!!! So I will have a couple of pic-heavy posts to show you all my finds!!

Vintage mirror-$15 op shop
Lamp-(50's??) $6.00 op-shop

I saw these gorgeous little clip-on earrings at the frame/vintage store across the road from me. They were $20, but since I had been in a few weeks ago admiring them, she gave them to me for $15!

Girl pic with gold frame-not totally sold on the pic, but I will use the frame. $3 op-shop

I fell in love with this picture. Probably because there is a watertower in it. I have a bit of a thing for water towers (There used to be a big one directly behind my house growing up. I used to stare at it for ages and it always put me at ease for some reason. It got pulled down nearly 10 years ago, but I still have dreams about it! Weird? Anyway-$3 op-shop

1950's drawers $10 ebay

These are Nallyware-ish canisters that I got from the op-shop. They had $12 on them, but they had a purple ticket, and it was half-price on purple ticket items that day. Score!!!

My best find that day-a vintage kitchen dresser! I've wanted one for ages!!! I got it for $60 from a salvos furniture place, and the guy threw in free delivery, AND a box of the crockery that was displayed on it LOL...I thought he was joking when he asked if I wanted it :D

I'll post some more of my finds tomorrow....I've got HEAPS to show off!!! Stay tuned xxx