Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Birthday Par-tay!

It was my 26th birthday on Saturday, so I decided to celebrate with a little costume party. Actually, my sister Kristi and I *shared* it, because we were born 2 years and 2 days apart. I used to LOATHE sharing my birthday parties with her...especially my 18th and her 16th-mainly because I looked like a loser because she had so many friends there and I had...well, not so many!

I decided to dress as Dita von Teese, which I'm sure will not come as a particular surprise to anyone LOL!

This is me and my baby sis Mirandah-she went as Lady Gaga:

My sister Kristi went as Amy Winehouse...minus the drug addiction:
My Dad made a pretty handsome pirate, and my baby girl looked like Denis the Menace! :
My Mama the Gypsy woman:
And her best friend/blonde twin/sharer of brain, Cher...also as a gypsy woman!! (And they didn't even know what each other was going to dress as! I swear they're like conjoined twins haha!!)

And my gorgeous brother Scott, whom I don't get to see too often!:
My 2nd youngest sister Annie, asleep on my couch....piker!!:
We got Scotty drunk enough to make him up alllll pretty!! He does drag a little TOO well....:
Oh so so pretty!!

God they could be sisters....
I love this photo of Kristi:
Can you tell we're related??:
Reprezent biyatches!!!!

...and I didn't even get drunk!!!!


  1. You look awesome! And Lady Gaga does too!

  2. Such cute pictures! It looks like a great party!

  3. You look so great! I love the Amy Winehouse ensemble too! Looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday to you!!

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