Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bunnies, blogs and other fun stuff:)

Well, our naughty bunny turned up after about two hours yesterday! My DH walked into the bungalow after work, and she hopped in the door behind him! Then she buggered off up the back yard and it took us 10 minutes to catch her. She's clever!

My mum has been clearing out her sewing room, and gave me my Nanna's sewing box. I'd just been thinking the other day that I would like to get one, so she must've read my mind. My dear Nanna passed away in 2000, so it's nice to get some of her stuff:) And its so retro and cute!!

I also scored a bunch of mum's craft magazines (yay!) so I shall be doing some reading later and getting all sorts of wonderful ideas for my 365 days of crafting challenge. I must give credit to Lupin for the inspiration. When I work out how to put links up, I will put a link to her fab blog called Bugs and Fishes. She makes the most delicious things out of felt, and consequently kicked off my current obsession with felt!
I've already got a couple of ideas rattling around in my head for my crafting challenge. It's bad sometimes because I can think of sooo many things I would like to do, and my brain starts going into overload-I get a little too excited. It's worse at night-time because I lie awake and think of all the awesome crafty things that I could do. Then I can't sleep. Which is why I try reeeally hard not to peruse Craftster.org before bed. Heehee!

Speaking of bed, I only just managed to get this little bugger off to his bed a short time ago. DS3 drags it out as long as possible. As do most 3 year olds!
I think it is almost past my bed time too!

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