Monday, December 29, 2008

Still in cleaning mode today...and getting nowhere fast!! Actually, I shouldn't say that-Mt Washmore is down to it's last load. Dishes are done. Our room looks fairly decent-I haven't tackled the wardrobe yet though. The boys rooms...ugh. Lounge room..about as bad!
I've been feeling totally crappy from eating an over-abundance of junk. I think I have single-handedly consumed about a kilo of chocolate in the last few days since Christmas. I'm detoxing today haha.

In fact, I made the nicest soup for lunch-I plan on having some more for tea. I haven't touched a single sweet thing all day so I am rather pleased with myself.

I have just been informed that my 3 year old son has let our bunny out of her cage and we have just spent the best part of half an hour searching for no avail:( We think she might be under the house or in the bungalow. She's probably been out and about for a couple of hours now. I hope she turns up!!!

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