Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm a lazy bitch

Okay, so I've been a totally slack cow-I meant to post this about 3 days ago, but blogger wouldn't co-operate, and then life got in the way the rest of the week! This is my wall hanging...I think it's finished, but I'm in two minds about maybe whether I should put another black layer on the back of it, and around the little hearts?
What do you think?
I have done bugger-all else this week craft-wise. My kids were nuts, but our Christmas visitors have gone now, and the kids are a lot more settled. I've been doing a huuge declutter and trying to get the house ship-shape before school starts. It's getting there!
I think I am going to re-start my 365 day craft challenge, because I've just had no time whatsoever to do much of anything.
I got a new camera today-yay!! This one has a macro function on it, so I'll be able to take way better shots of my goodies. Did that just sound as dirty as I think it does? By goodies, I mean my crafty wares! OOh, I think that's even worse!!
I think I'll stop now!
I will be back.
And I will have something to show n tell, I promise:)


  1. How funny is this! I like how you changed the infamous "lipstick" into a spoon! clever! Thanks for following my blog!