Saturday, January 31, 2009

Surviving heat and children.

Yesterday broke records, as we had our third consecutive hottest day (45C) in Victoria's history. Needless to say, I tried to do very little, in an attempt to stay cool.
My three year old, however, had other ideas. I think he may be a budding artist.
Yes, that is him, looking very pleased with himself after drawing on his brother's bedroom wall. I had to laugh. If I didn't, I think I may well have cried. Little bugger.
What you can't see in the first photo is that he is actually sitting up on top of his brother's wardrobe. Urgh!!! I think he is actively trying to give me a heart-attack!

I made a start on my youngest sister's birthday present. I'm making her a felt tea-set with the patterns I got from Umecrafts. You should follow the link and check out Jeanette's Etsy store, she has the most adorable felt food patterns-I've become a mite obsessed! This is the teacup and saucer I finished yesterday. Y'know, in-between fishing children down from the top of wardrobes and cleaning texta off walls.

Tomorrow I officially re-start my 365-day craft challenge. I'm also heading down to the hotrod run to check out all the awesome cars. And the rockabilly chicks. Those girls are wicked;)

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