Monday, July 13, 2009

Flavoured knobs and other oddities...

Okay, so this morning I was making my son's lunch when I realised that the ham and chicken loaf I was putting on his sandwiches was called a flavoured knob. Really Coles? A flavoured knob? I bet they laughed their arses off labelling that. Or maybe I'm just peurile...mmm-mmm! Can't wait to have me some flavoured knob! I looove eating flavoured knob....hahahaha I amuse myself!

Sadly, op-shopping fell through today, but I didn't mind because my awesome new corset came in the mail:

I haven't had the heart to tell my husband that DS3 was actually the result of a night of passion I spent with Austin Powers-yeah baby!!
When I took this picture, I'm *sure* that DS3 was saying something about getting "free for free" ??? Hehehehehe :D

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  1. nice corset, i was wondering how the size is? is it true to size? i got one myself and i got a Medium and im afraid it might be too small. :(