Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New shorter 'do...

I got a few inches hacked off my hair the other day...

I just got this DVD and book set the other day. It's called Lost Highways. It follows a local photographer, Richard Szymczuk, as he photographs old milkbars and service stations, which are rapidly disappearing from my hometown's landscape. There has been some beautiful mid-century architecture and signage that has been lost and would be long forgotten if Richard hadn't documented it here. The music in the doco is awesome...and I was told that it was done by the same guy that did the music for the movie "Chopper" with Eric Bana. I had the pleasure of meeting Richard after he hand delivered the book and DVD to me after Australia Post nearly lost my money order I had sent to him. Thought it was safer that way!

Here are the shoes that I got fromebay last week:

And I scored these from the op-shop for $3-I don't care if they look like granny shoes, I think they're cute, and they're comfy as hell!!!

Speaking of op-shopping, Mother Dearest and I are going tomorrow....yay!! Looking for a display cabinet she can put her china dolls in so I can have my 50's cabinet back for my newly painted study...yes, I finally finished it!!. And that room is now OFFICIALLY off limits to children. It is going to be my sewing/craft room/retro haven...oh the possibilities...


  1. I like your hair!
    That book looks really interesting. I've seen similar types of photography but not of Australia before.
    -Andi x

  2. That picture looks like the milk bar on McKillop St down from nana's old place... Is it?

  3. No it's not, it's in Belmont, but it DOES look like the one near Nanna and Pa's old place. You know they knocked the old place down, don't you?