Sunday, July 12, 2009

My haul from Daylesford

These are the things I picked up on my little trip to Daylesford. There are some great antique stores there-alas I ran out of time to look around the Mill Market there, but I live 10 mins away from the Geelong store, so it's not too bad. There is an awesome shop in the main street of Daylesford called Lost in the Fifties...pretty cool place!!

Retro flip book with funny sayings-I already have a different one of these, I love them!
A gorgeous vintage mohair cloche hat-$10 from an antique store. Its pretty old but in fantastic condition!!
A DVD called "Showbiz goes to war" $10 from Lost in the Fifties

Laminated "Bop Girl" poster-$10

An Andrews Sisters cd. I've been playing it in my car. DS5 declared it "crap".

Polkadot cats-eye sunglasses

5 retro mugs (huuuge mugs, I might add!) $5.95 from The Magic Pudding. I reckon you'd get at least 1 and a half to 2 cups of tea from one mug!Back to school for DS5 tomorrow..oh how I wish I could send DS3 too...LOL. Then perhaaps I wouldn't have to contend with curry powder all over the floor and him walking around with a toilet plunger stuck to him-don't ask. Ah, he is a spirited lad!!
Op-shopping tomorrow!!
And hopefully meeting up with a new friend later in the week-hello Ms Danger ;)

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