Friday, July 3, 2009

A week in review...

I've been meaning to try and blog everyday, but it's school holidays! No dice!

On Sunday I picked up a 1950's raadiogram from a guy off Freecycle. When I rang him he said it was in poor condition. It needs a good tidy up and a sand and a varnish, but I wouldn't say it was in poor condition? Maybe I'm an optimist LOL. I'm not sure if the turntable works, cos the plug is pretty shoddy, but the guy says it turns on, but it's missing a valve. I'm not that fussed if it doesn't work-it'll look nice in my house anyway!

During the week I modelled for my friend Rachel. I love her photos! She's a pretty rad photographer and I always have heaps of fun working with her. I'm just a big ol' photowhore who loves to dress up, what can I say? P.S. See if you can spot my awesome bruise!

Today I took my boys rollerskating for the first time. They lasted, oh, about 2.5 seconds before they wanted their shoes back on! They both went once around the rink and then they decided they'd rather watch. Oh well, I had fun!

Here's a photo of my lil girl in a dress that was mine when I was her age. How my mother kept clothes in such pristine condition is beyond me!

What have you all got planned for your weekend?

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